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Established In 1818 by Johannes Van den Bosch, The Society of Benevolence intended to find solutions to poverty and homelessness in the Dutch cities. Transported to the colonies specially designed and built for them, the less fortunate had strict structure and regulation administered to every aspect of their lives. By overcoming idleness and apathy, discipline and hard work was meant to transform the poor into productive citizens. Two hundred years after the establishment of the first colony, the legacy of the Society’s work has been taken up by the Studio Of Benevolence, consisting of 10 students of the Design Academy Eindhoven. In an Exhibition titled Irregularities the group reflects on the past, the present and the future of Veenhuizen and Frederiksoord. Exploring the frictions between the human nature and the system’s structure Irregularities demonstrate multiple ways in which deviances from a rule create potential for reflection, innovation and change. The exhibition invites us to think about our core ethic, listen to the nature talk, play old games in a new way and experience deeply personal stories of Veenhuizen and Frederiksoord. With diverse themes, and scales ranging from local gardening to global economy, the projects dig into the history, look closely at the present and suggest scenarios for the future of the province of Drenthe.



  • 04-07-2018 - 05-07-2018 Hoofdweg 156, Veenhuizen
  • 08-09-2018 - 09-09-2018 Hoofdweg 156, Veenhuizen
  • 20-10-2018 - 28-10-2018 Dutch Design week Eindhoven

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